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What to expect – Family session

If you’re anything like me, you want to know what to expect whenever you’re booking a service. You might be curious as to how it all works.

I hope to walk you through the process and answer some common questions here.

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Let’s start with the basics. Who? What? When? Where? How?





Who is included in a family session? 

All immediate family members! Mom, Dad, kids! If you want to include grandma and grandpa – let’s chat about an extended family session. OH! Let’s not forget about the family pet! They can always be included!






What do I photograph?

I am a family life photographer. I am passionate about capturing your life and family, for who you are and where you’re at. You could be an excited first time mama or a mom with more little ones than hands to hold. Wherever you are in your life, on your journey, I want to capture that for you. The way you glow while you carry your precious little one in your belly, or how your littles want to run wild and free with their wobbly toddler run. Maybe your children are older and you spend your nights and weekends between soccer practice and dance recitals. I want to capture the season you’re in. Sessions can take place in your home (it’s called a lifestyle session) or at a pretty park. Don’t worry, I can recommend some GREAT locations! You just let me know what your vision is for your session and we will go from there!





How do we choose a date and time? 

Think of your top 3 choices for dates. I check my calendar and we see what works for both of us! What time do I photograph? Early morning or late evening! The harsh mid day sun isn’t flattering on anyone. 🙂 Keep in mind that these times change throughout the year due to longer and shorter days!  If you choose to have a session in your home, we photograph whenever your home has the best natural light!





Where can you have a session?

I am located in Wake Forest, North Carolina and will travel to Raleigh or Durham with no addition charge. Anything out of that range is subject to a travel fee.  Sessions typically take place in 1 of 2 places. 1 – in a clients home. 2 – in a public park/area. Do you have something specific in mind? I would love to talk to you!   Don’t have a clue? That’s a great starting point! 🙂






How does it all work?

Family sessions typically last around 1 hour. There will be a lot of laughter, jokes, having fun and memory making. I supply a quilt to sit on if your session is outdoors but other than that, I like to keep the props pretty simple. If you have something you would love to incorporate, don’t hesitate to ask! All sessions include a set amount of digital images with printing rights. If you want more information on pricing and booking, click the contact tab and shoot me an email!

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