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Week 2 | What’s in my cup?

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Week 2 | What’s in my cup? 

Even though my coffee cup is rarely full, my life is full of blessings.

I’m a coffee lover. There’s a good chance that I’ll consume 2 cups a day and in this season of life and that’s ok. We set our coffee maker on automatic the night before and my husband grabs a cup on his way out the door and I’m soon to follow as I prepare for the day before my little wakes. Mornings are my peace and quiet in my very loud and fast paced life. Coffee is my sidekick to get me through the GO GO GO! There isn’t a morning that passes without act of grabbing a mug, pouring a cup and adding the sweet and oh so unhealthy french vanilla creamer. I love the image that I captured about What’s in my cup? Not because it’s a pretty picture of my empty coffee mug but because my “cup” is full with the other beautiful and meaningful snippets that revolve around the actual cup.

L e t ' s   C o n n e c t
S e a r c h