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Project 52 | Week 1

Week 1: Who am I?

Back in December, I started thinking of doing a Project 52. What is a project 52? 1 photo a week for 1 year with a new subject/topic/emotion etc for every week. Why add one more thing to my never ending to do list? Well… because I almost never shoot for myself anymore. I hardly pick up my camera to capture the beauty in my everyday life. I have become lazy about learning new techniques and pushing myself to the next level in photography. I want to try out new ideas, learn, grow, force myself to think creatively again. I have amazing and wonderful ideas for MJP this year and I’m so excited to see them come to life over 2016. I thought by doing a Project 52, I could welcome y’all into my life. See who I am outside of the emails and your 1 hour session. Over the year,  you’ll catch glimpses into my life as a full time mom, business owner and wife.

So let’s start! Week 1: The topic was “Who am I?”. I have thought about this all week. At first, I was going to take a picture of Patrick and Bennett because I am a wife and a mother…. but then I really started to think about how that would be a cop out. I wasn’t looking forward to this week. First of all, it made me get dressed…. and that is always a slight inconvenience! (All the mom’s said, AMEN!). I then had to figure out how to photograph myself. I pulled out a tripod (which I now realize is ancient and need a newer one) and after what seemed like an eternity of trying to get my face in focus, these were the final results. I started to get a little silly towards the middle… and of course when B woke up, he wanted to jump into the action. I realized how much I don’t really know how to pose myself. Hand by the head was my go-to pose because I desperately need a haircut and my bangs kept falling in my face!

So, Who am I? I’m Ann. Christian. Wife. Mom. Business Owner. Artist. Creative mind. 

I’m a morning bird which pairs nicely with my love for coffee.

I think my husband is my better half, even after 5 years of marriage.

I’m a full time #boymom. My little guy is a non stop ball of energy who I chase around everyday hoping he doesn’t crack his skull open with his daring moves.

I love to create. That could translate into photography, painting, writing… the options are endless.



So where did I take these pictures? In my sons playroom! I used a tripod and a 2 second delay on my camera. I am looking at buying a remote trigger that will hopefully make the rest of this project easier.

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Next week: What’s in my cup? 

L e t ' s   C o n n e c t
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