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Observe & Capture

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Hey! That’s my own kid! Bennett, a strong willed and sweet as can be, 2.5 year old! He challenges me daily to capture him in the moment vs “creating” a picture perfect shot. He has changed my views on photography and how it’s about freezing time and not necessarily trying to create these “perfect” moments. This was a two second snapshot of a typical afternoon for us. He is wearing the clothes that he wore to preschool, the unbrushed hair and the leftover peanut butter on his face from lunch. The flowers are in bloom and while he isn’t one to play in dirt, he loves to carefully observe nature. Here he is, carefully reaching out to brush the flowers with his finger tips, just to see what will happen. I love it. It’s so him, right where he is in life.

That’s what I hope to bring to y’all this year. I want to capture time. Capture your family just as it is. The real laughter, the real moments. Let’s plan a picnic in a park and just see how it unfolds? Bring some snacks, let the kids get messy and just relax. Photography sessions aren’t meant to be stressful (although I know they can be from all the preparation), but I want to create sessions and an atmosphere that helps laughter blossom.

I want to help create and capture memories for you! Let’s talk about it, k?


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