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My focus for 2017

Hi Y’all!

I am coming up for air as we are starting to find a new routine for our family of FOUR! What a whirlwind it’s been! Taking four months off was so needed physically, but it was so beneficial MENTALLY! I was able to take a step back from Miss Jee’s and really look at how things were going. What did I LOVE? What didn’t I love? What could I improve on? How did I want things to be different for when I returned? It allowed me to really pull a part each layer of the business and dust off the dirt. To look at where I failed (or at least felt like I did) and where I really thrived.  I started to think of a word to focus on for 2017 and when I looked up the definition of IMPROVEMENT, it was the perfect fit. IMG_9202Pin thisimage


After going full force for a few years, taking the maternity leave really allowed me to put a halt and overhaul everything. A lot of it was backend organizational things (but will make the client experience faster and better!), but it also allowed me to think of a few new things to offer this year. I’ll slowly be releasing details over the next month or so. Y’all. I’m so excited. I feel refreshed and renewed and am so ready to see things unfold for Miss Jee’s this year.  I’m inspired.

There are entirely new types of sessions (More details VERY soon!), new categories of sessions and some really awesome packages. Not to mention new client gifts!

With all this new, I’m also working on the not so new. I’ve been working so hard on updating my website with all the pretty people for 2016. Blogging more was one of my biggest “Hey, we need to work on that” from 2016. SO, I hope you’re ready to see all the pretty people from 2016! Take a look around at some of the updated pages! See if you recognize anyone! <3

So what do I want to photograph MORE of in 2017? Couples in love. Maternity sessions. IN the homes of clients. PORTRAITS.

Miss Jee’s has been blossoming over the past couple of years but there is always room for improvement. 2017 is the year for IMPROVEMENT. Thank you for the continual support and I hope to have YOUR face in front of my lens this year!



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