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It’s what you all have been waiting for…

Y’all, I am so excited about this. Like… jump up and down and shout for joy excited. During my maternity leave, I really was able to think… between the pushing a baby out and having a newborn and toddler… but ya know. What do I love about photography? When I stare at an image that I love and ask myself, “What do I love about this image?” It’s usually not the perfect editing or composition. It’s the emotion that I captured. The frame that freezes time for that client.

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I’m passionate about capturing the “real” moments. I am passionate about documenting over posing. I’m passionate about telling your story. I want to create and give something to you that you will be able to look back on in a week or 10 years and remember what life was like. I want you to be left with something that you can show your kids when they get older and say, “that was you!” “See, you’ve always had that nose scrunch when you smile!”

SO. I had an idea. It blossomed from my love for birth photography. Birth sessions are always my favorite because I started adding video to them and it just created a magical final product. I captured snippets of the moments I was honored to witness and fused it together with their photos to create a slideshow/movie.

Here is just a clip from one of my births. Elias’s first breath just moments after he entered this world. How amazing, right?!?


I want to bring this type of documentary to ALL of my clients! SO- I’m here to announce….

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That’s right. You can now book a Storytelling session! I want to tell your story through timeless images and video clips, all fused together in a beautiful storytelling way. What does your family love to do? Do you love to bake cookies with your kids? Let’s capture that! Let’s tell that story! Do you love playing tag at the park after having a picnic? Let’s tell that story! Would you rather stay at home and read books with your littles? Perfect! Let’s tell whatever story you’re currently writing. Right where you are, and whatever life currently looks like for you.


I am going to offer a discount for the first 5 clients who book a storytelling session! Shoot me an email to learn more details and we can start planning for your Storytelling session! 


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