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Is your home a good fit for a newborn session??

When people are booking their newborn sessions, they usually have a couple of worries.

  1. They think their home isn’t pretty enough.
  2. They think it isn’t clean enough.

I hear it time and time again, “Ann! All of your newborn sessions have spotless and pinterest worthy homes!”

I want to tell you a little secret in case this is a thought that has crossed your mind. It’s YOUR home… so you are surrounded by YOUR things which makes your home the perfect place to be. If your home looks like Joanna Gaines is your best friend…. great! If not? That’s great too! It’s all about capturing your little in YOUR home. If I see something that will help “make” a photo, I’ll grab it. I love to keep things simple though. In regards to how clean a home is – it’s all a facade. If your home is spotless – great. If it isn’t…. I will move things out of the way! haha. Don’t stress!

So if you’re worrying if your home would be a good fit for a session, just check this out.

A newborn. A bed. A window light.

It’s timeless and perfect. <3


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